I wanted to let you know that I completed the inventory of all the parts that were powder coated – 100%!  Whatever system you use to keep up with the parts does work – don’t change it.  J  I really like Ed Casper – he was very patient and helpful while we unloaded the truck and on top of that, he really is a nice guy and pleasant to be around.  Now I know why he has been with Vanwin for over 20 years.


The power coat work is exactly what I was looking for – nice job.  My only wish is that we could have done a better job of body work before the coating process.  If we had, I would be driving a truck around with nothing but powder coat.  It is amazing how thorough the coating process is – there was coating in places that I know we could have never done with a spray gun.  A friend of mine commented yesterday that we could probably put the truck in the ocean and when we pulled it out, it would look just like it did when we put it in – that is how durable the finish looks!


Jeremy, thank you and the Vanwin team for the job you did – I am very pleased and now I look forward to moving on to the next phase of the restoration.

Ed Smith,

Vanwin Coatings of Virginia