Vanwin Coatings of VA, LLC, warrants all parts coated for 12 months from date of acceptance. This warranty includes repair and replacement of the materials originally involved at Vanwin’s discretion and applies only to the original purchaser.

Due to end usage, environmental conditions, fabrication and design variables which are outside of the control of Vanwin Coatings, this warranty is limited. Vanwin Coatings reserves the right to inspect the items in question to determine the cause of a coating failure and what if any action is deemed appropriate to correct the issue. The inspection into a root cause may include destructive testing of the coating system.

Should a claim be determined to be valid, Vanwin Coatings will repair the damage at Vanwin’s cost. This warranty does not cover any other expenses such as but not limited to, re instillation, disassembly, transportation costs or other consequential costs.

If after analysis Vanwin Coatings determines that the coating failure was not caused by the pre-treatment or application of the coating system. The costs to repair will be the customer’s responsibility.

Any damage to the coating during transport, installation or assembly that compromise the integrity of the coating, contact with industrial chemical agents, solvents and corrosive materials including salt water, direct contact with vegetation, or alteration of the coating of any kind including painting and any damage incurred in the environment or acts of God, will void this warranty.

Items that are being coated directly over an existing coating system and parts that are chromed are NOT covered under this warranty.

Vanwin Coatings of Virginia