Ship Preservation

Ship PreservationVANWIN, a certified Small Business contractor, has provided preservation and corrosion control services for the military since the start of our business. We have a staff of certified inspectors, craftsmen and supervisors. Their certifications are recognized by NAVSEA, MSC, USCG and independent vessel operators.

Our quality and safety programs are routinely audited by third-party agencies to assure that VANWIN complies with the latest regulations and that are services meet the stringent requirements placed upon us by various governmental and private sector organizations and agencies.

VANWIN is a full-service contractor as we can accommodate both in-shop and on ship preservation efforts.



VANWIN operates two (2) facilities. The facilities are segregated by service type; powder coating and liquid coating. Depending upon service requirements and customer direction we can accommodate the needs of the fleet by accomplishing a number of corrosion control efforts in atmospheric controlled environments. In the past we have successfully accomplished in our shops:

  • Flight Deck Safety Net Frames
  • Water Tight Doors and Hatches
  • Ready Service Lockers
  • Intake/ Exhaust Louvers and vent screens
  • Deck plates and gratings
  • Inclined and vertical ladders, handrails and stanchions
  • Electrical Controller Enclosures
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Gun Mounts and Launchers
  • Anchor and Anchor Chains
  • Pipe hangars
  • Life Boat cradles
  • RAST track and filler plates
  • Duct work
  • Piping and manifolds
  • Structural steel and foundations
  • Submarine Pier Camels
  • Submarine MASTS
These operations cover both critical and non-critical painted items. If the component can be removed and transported, we can work it in one of our facilities.



VANWIN can offer shipboard preservation efforts depending upon the needs of the customer. We can mobilize equipment and our highly trained staff of certified personnel to accommodate almost any need. We are familiar with the rigors of accomplishing corrosion control work under demanding circumstances and schedule constraints. VANWIN has successfully accomplished work shipboard as detailed below:

  • Main and Auxiliary Space bilges
  • Escape Trunks
  • Pit sword and Underwater Log Trunks
  • Main, Auxiliary and Stub Masts
  • Pump Rooms and Sumps
  • Mixing Rooms
  • Intake/Exhaust Plenums
  • Fan Rooms
  • Fuel and CHT Holding Tanks
  • Void Spaces
  • Superstructure and Stacks
  • Berthing and Sanitary Spaces
  • Galley and Mess Deck Spaces
  • Non-Skid, including Peel and Stick
In support of this work, VANWIN can mobilize:
  • Abrasive blast pots and silos
  • Air Compressors and air dryers/ after coolers
  • Vacuum Producers and Collection Tanks
  • Dehumidification Equipment
  • Dust Collection
  • Air Movers and ventilation
  • Airless spray pumps, including plural component
  • Stowage trailers
  • Clean Rooms
  • Slurry Blasters
  • Water blasting equipment
  • System Scaffold and containment systems
Onboard or in our shops, VANWIN can offer the latest in coatings technology and corrosion control to support the NAVY, MSC, USCG or commercial operators in maintaining their fleet.


Proud to Serve the Fleet

VANWIN is in continued support to the NAVY. We were honored to be awarded a Preservation Team contract spearheaded by NAVSEA. We make our facility and classrooms available for classes to train Shipbuilding Specialists in coatings inspection. SSPC and NACE utilize our facility as well. Plus, it is not uncommon for VANWIN to be called upon to support new corrosion control strategies and accomplish testing of new approaches and technologies as directed and supervised by NAVSEA and its directorates.

VANWIN is proud of its history and its ability. We are proud to be in service to the fleet and we recognize the men and women of the armed forces and appreciate their dedication and sacrifice.

Vanwin Coatings of Virginia