Everyone was very pleased with how the demos came out!!  The gold paint looks very nice on the units. We have them on pedestals in the lobby!

Thank you so much for helping us on such short notice!

Diane Newell, Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Your team perform masterfully often impressing our client seemingly effortlessly, though we are all aware of the difficulties in producing such a wonderful result it that limited time. I am definitely looking forward to working with You again as we develop more 8A, Hubzone, DBE & SWAM opportunities.

Roland Carpenter, Industrial-Marine LLC

If I have not already said this, thank you. Working with Vanwin was a true pleasure. Communication and cooperation were the benchmark in making the louver work for the USS MASON a success. Because of your timeliness and making your deadline NASSCO was able to complete our work in time for the Primary Completion Date.


Please pass this info on to your workforce as they did a great job in making this happen…..BZ.


I look forward to working with you in the future.

John Doran, LT, USN, Ret., General Dynamics - NASSCO Norfolk

Thanks for all your help during this project order. Vanwin has gone far above the normal call of duty to get these baseplates picked up, blasted and returned in the minimum amount of time. Please let everyone know that we really appreciate it.

Don Wolfe, Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Vanwin Coatings of Virginia