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Vanwin, a certified Small Business contractor,  has been involved in corrosion control coatings with the military since our beginning. We have NACE Certified Coating Inspectors, NBPI paint inspectors, a NAVSEA approved QA plan, and all necessary QA inspection equipment to satisfy the Military's demanding requirements. If we can get it to our shop, Vanwin's complete blasting services, and extensive coating experience will give you the coating system you require, done under close supervision, and under controlled conditions not available in the field.

For in-shop work, we recommend powder coating whenever possible, for its durability and corrosion protection. Below are just some of the items we have powder coated for ships:

  • Mess Deck Chairs
  • Safety Net Frames
  • Water Tight Doors and Hatches
  • Non Water Tight Doors
  • Vent Screens
  • Ammo Lockers
  • Life Jacket Lockers
  • Intake Louvers
  • Handrails and Stantions
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Life Boat Cannisters
  • Deck Plates
  • Gun Mounts
  • Electrical Control Boxes
  • Chain Covers
  • Hand Wheels
  • Spanner Wrenchs

When painting is required, our 74-1 pumps, and plural component system, enable us to spray the latest high solids coatings. We worked aboard over 30 Naval or USCG vessels during 2002 alone. A brief sampling of the types of shipboard spaces we have worked follows.

  • Auxiliary Bilges
  • Main Engine Room Bilges
  • Escape Trunks
  • Pitsword Trunks
  • Fan Rooms
  • Muffler Rooms
  • Mast (Gonzales)
  • JP 5 Pump Room Bilges
  • CHT Pump Rooms
  • Sea Bag Locke
  • Replenishment Lockers
  • Deck Gear Lockers
  • Helo Crash Salvage Lockers
  • OWS Bilges
  • Filter Plenums
  • Catapult Valve Launch Stations
  • Generator Bilge Decks
  • Mixing Room Decks
  • Fantail Deck
  • Helo Doors

On-board or in our shop, Vanwin can offer the latest in coatings technology to assist the US Navy, and other ship operators. We have extensive experience in all phases of ship board

Proud to Serve the Fleet

In 2002, Vanwin Coatings was pleased to be named the NAVSEA Preservation Team Contractor in Norfolk, Va., providing a variety of corrosion control services aboard Navy ships. We are proud of our long association with the military and express our gratitude for our men and women in uniform.